Western Australian State Election

The WA Electoral Commission will provide a range of services aimed at reducing barriers to electoral participation and improving accessibility at the WA State general election.  More information on voting options can be found in the Voting Options Fact Sheet below.  

Telephone Assist and Vote Assist

Western Australians who are unable to vote independently without assistance because of literacy skills, vision impairment or because they are otherwise incapacitated will be able to lodge their vote by Telephone Assisted Voting or Vote Assist.

Telephone Assisted voting allows eligible enrolled Western Australian's to vote over the telephone.  Vote Assist allows voters to visit one of two selected venues to listen to pre recorded voting instructions and ballot information, select their preferences using a special keypad and have their completed ballot paper self printed prior to ballot box lodgement.  Information can be found on Access to Voting fact sheet and Telephone Assisted Voting flyer below.

Accessibility Centres

In addition to the voting aids such as magnifying sheets and desk top voting screens available at all voting venues, 25 locations with good wheelchair access will also have the following assistive devices:

Reader Pen:

Electors who experience literacy difficulties or for whom reading the English language is a challenge, can use a reader pen to assist them to read and mark their ballot papers. The reader pen will verbalise the text that the pen is moved over.

Hearing Loop or Hearing Amplifier:

Hearing loops can be used to assist people who use a hearing aid, while the amplifiers can provide assistance to electors who are hard of hearing in general.

Desktop Video Magnifier:

Enabling people who find reading smaller font sizes difficult, to enlarge all text contained on a ballot paper when casting their vote.


Accessibility centres will be depicted on the Commission’s website at www.elections.wa.gov.au and in other advertising with a white capital letter A inside a black circle.  If you have difficulty accessing this information please call PWdWA on 08 9420 7279 or 1800 193 331.