Brendan Cullinan

Chief Executive Officer

Brendan is married to Jane and has two children. He has held a number of senior management positions in his 23  years’ experience in working in and with the not-for-profit sector across WA in roles with the State government and community member-based organisations.

Brendan has volunteered in the disability sector since 2012 and has been actively engaged in a range of social inclusion projects. 

Lisa Hook

Individual Advocacy Service Manager

Lisa has worked in the disability sector in both London and in Perth and has wide-ranging experience as a support worker, therapy assistant and an advocate.  Lisa is passionate about social justice and human rights issues.

Bachelor of Arts Major Sociology and Anthropology

Brianna Domeracki

Systemic Advocacy Projects Manager

Brianna has experience in the fields of human rights, legal studies, policy and science. She has worked in the area of systemic and individual advocacy for the last 10 years and advocated for the rights of older people, people experiencing elder abuse, survivors of human trafficking and people with disabilities.

Bachelor of Forensic Science; Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons); Cert IV Telephone Counselling; Cert IV Dementia Practice. 

Michele Frost

Senior Individual Advocate

Michele is passionate about advocating for the rights of people who are socially disadvantaged, preventing homelessness, advancing human rights, promoting equity, enablling social inclusion, and assisting vunerable people to take control of their lives.  

Bachelor of Criminology (Murdoch Uni); Diploma of Community Services (Tafe)

Chris Chambers

Community Disability Advocate

Before joining PWdWA, Chris worked in community services supporting families experiencing separation and has worked with young people in out-of-home care. Chris has recently graduated after completing his Bachelor of Social Work and is passionate about human right issues and supporting people to navigate systemic disadvantage to achieve social justice.

Claire McCormick

Individual Advocate

Claire has been working with people with disability as an advocate for over two years, and has an eclectic work history including child-care, vegetable packing and retail/sales. Claire is passionate about social equality and strongly believes in supporting vulnerable members of our community to overcome systemic disadvantage and social injustice.

Claire is currently studying Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology; Bachelor of Communications (Media, Culture & Mass Communications, and International & Political Relations); Certificate III Community Services

Elisha Johnson

State Administrative Tribunal Project Individual Advocate

Elisha has extensive experience in the disability sector. She started out her career as a social trainer and has since worked in a number of roles across the sector, including NDIS service coordination, which sees her bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to her role as an advocate.

Felix Palmer

Economic Participation Project Officer

Felix has experience in project creation and management through relationship development and this is his first role in the disability sector. He is passionate about helping people, and is particularly interested in diversity of experiences that working with people with disabilities entails. Felix has recently graduated from the University of Melbourne.
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Glenda Bye

NDIS Appeals Advocate

Glenda is passionate about helping to reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with disability, especially those who experience mental illness as a part of that – a passion which was recognised in 2012 when she was awarded equal first prize for Human Rights Law.  She has had a long and diverse career over the last forty years thereby bringing many different perspectives to her work.

Bachelor of Arts, B Laws, MBA.

Idil Sudi

Individual Advocate

Photo of Idil facing forward.  Idil is wearing a white with patterns Hijab.

Idil has worked extensively as an advocate for the refugee and migrant services, for over 20 years. Her interpreting skills have helped shape the first all ethnic women's association in Wellington, New Zealand. While here in Australia, Idil has worked for the Department of Indigenous Affairs, Legal Aid and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Bachelor’s in Psychology (Victoria University, New Zealand), Currently Law Student at Murdoch University.

Julie Bloomfield

Individual Advocate

Julie has worked in the sector for a number of years, firstly as a Social Trainer with Disability Services Commission, and then with the introduction of the NDIS worked in the private sector supporting people to transition to the NDIS.  Julie spent 12 months working in aged care before returning to work with people with disability as an Advocate.

Julie loves football and is a keen supporter of the East Perth Football Club.

Kerry Kessner

Individual Advocate

Kerry has experience in the disability and not-for-profit sectors as a qualified project manager who moved from community development projects into advocacy. Kerry is passionate about community justice and empowering people to help themselves.

Diploma Project Management; Certificate IV Mental Health

Leia Robinson

Duty Advocate

Leia has broad experience in the human service domain, working across different sectors such as family and domestic violence, grief and trauma, and telephone crisis support work. She is currently a third year Social Work student and believes strongly in the tenets of human rights and social justice.

Mark Hutson

Individual Advocate Regional Outreach

Mark is passionate about improving access and inclusion for people with disabilities to all aspects of community living.  He has worked extensively across State Government departments and all West Australian local governments to create more opportunities for people with disabilities to employment, public information, services and facilities. He has also worked across industry groups to raise awareness and provision of access and inclusion.

Renata Krollig

Administration Officer

Renata worked as a Primary School teacher for many years before making a shift to the community services sector with this role at PWdWA.

Oliver Offer

Disability Royal Commission Advocate 

Oliver has worked in a number of community sector roles working with people at times of crisis. He is dedicated to providing the best support he can so that people feel they can safely make submissions to the Disability Royal Commission.

Suresh Rajan

State Disability Strategy Project Officer

Photo of Suresh, Suresh is looking straight at the camera.  He is wearing a grey jacket.  The background is a out of focus green shrubbery.

Suresh has been involved in the disability sector for many years and has held management and board positions across the country. He is currently Treasurer of People with Disabilities Australia and Attitude Foundation. He is also President of the Ethnic Communities Council of WA and Chairs the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils Disability Sub-Committee. Suresh was previously at PWdWA in the role of Project Officer in the writing of the State Disability Strategy 2020-2030. He is now back with us to roll out that strategy to the community of Western Australia.

Vanessa Jessett

Communications Officer

Before joining PWdWA Vanessa worked as an accessibility swimming teacher/supervisor and homeschooled one of her children while living in Brunei Darussalam for 5 years.  Vanessa has a Cert IV in Library and Information Services.