On Board with Me Project - Delivering Board Disability Diversity

The On Board with Me Project is a 2017-2018 ILC Funding project through the WA Department of Communities.  The project commenced in August 2018 and will run for 12-months, with the work being delivered by Project Officer Tracy Destree

This page provides detail on the On Board with Me project milestones:

Board Disability Diversity and Inclusion Report

On 24 July 2019, PWdWA released the Board Disability Diversity and Inclusion Report.  The Report covers:

  • The work undertaken over the 12-month On Board with Me Project, and project deliverables
  • The Board Candidate Development program
  • The results and analysis of the Board Disability Diversity Survey conducted across the Western Australian Community Services Sector in 2019
  • Recommendations to improve representation rates for people with disability at Board level, and in senior management and executive roles

WORD:  Board Disability Diversity and Inclusion Report

PDF:  Board Disability Diversity and Inclusion Report

PRESENTATION:  Board Disability Diversity and Inclusion Report Presentation PDF

Cover page of the Report

Board Candidate Graduation 2019

On 24 July 2019, 16 On Board with Me Candidates Graduated from the "On Board with Me Candidate Development Program".  Eleven of these Candidates were able to attend the Graduation Ceremony where Hon Stephen Dawson MLA presented graduates with their certificates.  The photo below shows the Candidates proudly holding their Certificates, with the Minister and PWdWA Staff.

It was a great afternoon of celebration and recognition.  If you are looking for Board-ready candidates, contact PWdWA for more details on 9420 7279 or [email protected].

Candidates holding their Certificate with Minister and PWdWA Staff

Inclusion and Diversity Policy - Template 2019

The  Inclusion and Diversity Policy Template is designed for Boards to demonstrate commitment to Inclusion and Diversity and for defining measureable outcomes to achieve cultural change. The template provides an example of how some leaders in the sector are driving change from the Board level.

WORD File: Inclusion and Diversity Policy Template

PDF File:  Inclusion and Disability Policy Template

Professional Resume Template 2019

Professional Resume Template with suggested format and content for candidates seeking Board or professional roles

WORD File:  Professional Resume Template

PDF File:   Professional Resume Template

Board Candidate Guide

A Guide for Candidates seeking appointment to a Board or Committee of Management.  Provides advice to candidates and Board seeking to improve board membership diversity and inclusion

WORD File:  Board Candidate Guide

PDF File:   Board Candidate Guide PDF

Delivering Board Disability Diversity Breakfast Forum - May 2019

On 16 May 2019, PWdWA in partnership with National Disability Services WA partnered for the Disability Board Disability Diversity Breakfast Forum.  Targetting Board Chairs, Directors and CEOs in the sector, 44 people attended to hear keynote presenations from:

The Presentations were then followed by a Panel discussion. Panellists included:

  • Samantha Jenkinson, Executive Director PWdWA (Moderator)
  • Prof Angus Buchanan, Board Chair Avivo
  • Prof David Gilchrist, Board Chair, Nulsen
  • Ms. Lisa Burnette, President and Committee of Management Chair, PWdWA

The Forum received excellent feedback from those attending, and generated significant interest on what steps the Sector leaders will be taking to resolve Board Disability Diversity gaps.

IMAGE:  Forum Presenters and Panellists sitting in a semi circle looking at the camera in front on PWdWA and NDS banners.

From Right:  Samantha Jenkinson, PWdWA; Prog Angus Buchanan, Avivo; Lisa Burnette, PWdWA; David Gilchrist, Nulsen; Tracy Destree, PWdWA; Christina Ryan, Disability Leadership Institute; Geoff Holden, NDS WA.


On Board with Me Project – Program Update May 2019

Read our May 2019 report about the OBM Project Strategy and Project Deliverables below.

OBM Project Update May 2019 (PDF)

OBM Project Update May 2019 (Word)


On Board with Me Project Framework 2018

On Board with Me Framework. Roles of Participants and Engagement Opportunities. Heading - Participants. Heading - PWdWA. Assess sector Board recruitment standards. Policy template. Board register & Candidate register. PWD Development pipeline framework, guide and tools. Heading - Candidates & Mentor Skill Pool. Candidate nomination. Reference group participation. Journey mapping onboarding. Co-Design survey tool. Heading - Leadership and Governance Orgnaisations. Advisors, Coaching, Competency framework, Training program, Identify mentors, Networking event. Heading - Government. OnBoardWA / Diverse Board Integration, Government Board recruitment process. Heading - Participating Boards and Organisations. Board recruitment process survey, Policy change, diversity targets, Training sponsorship / support, Board pieline registration, Board placement.