How to make a complaint to a business or service

Everyone should be able to access and participate in their local community. This means being able to go into buildings, or places in the community and use services that anyone else can use. We know that for many of us Western Australians with a disability, getting appropriate access to services and  facilities is not always easy. Many businesses have not thought about access even though they legally need to. Many people with disability are also unaware of their rights or unsure about the most appropriate method of making a complaint or suggestion to a business to get them to change.

PWdWA has developed these guidelines and a template letter that you can use to make a complaint directly to a business. The information provided can be given to businesses or you can use them to know what your legal rights are. 

This a Guide to making a complaint to a business and where you can get assistance (available in Word)

Here is a suggested letter template you can use to make a written complaint and suggestions for improvement (available in Word).

Here is information that you can provide to a business about their obligations to make services and facilities accessible and inclusive (available in Word).

PWdWA runs regular online and face-to-face two-hour information sessions on how to make a discrimination complaint, you can find out more about these information sessions on our Eventbrite page.