What can PWdWA do to help?

PWdWA can provide you with information about applying for a Disability Support Pension (DSP) and eligibility. We can send you information about the DSP in your preferred format and help you access guides and a checklist, which have resources to support you to complete your DSP application.

For most enquiries about the DSP we will refer you to a welfare rights service in your area. This is because welfare rights services have the knowledge and skills to best assist with these enquiries. Welfare rights services can also give you information and advice about what to do if your DSP claim is rejected and provide limited support at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. There is a list of these services below. 

PWdWA does not have the capacity to provide ongoing support to help you apply for a DSP. In some circumstances we may be able to provide advocacy. This includes:

  • If you have spoken to a welfare rights service but need help to complete paperwork because of your disability
  • If you have an acquired brain injury, intellectual disability or cognitive impairment and no formal or informal supports to assist you

If you are having issues accessing information from your medical professionals you can contact Health Consumers Council.

PWdWA runs regular online and face-to-face two-hour information sessions on how to make a strong DSP application, you can find out more about these information sessions on our Eventbrite page.

Links to Information to help you apply for a DSP

Centrelink Information

Centrelink Tables of Assessment

Federal Register of Legislation Socail Security Tables of Work-related Impairment for DSP in effect from 1 April

DSP and Me - Plain English

DSP and Me - Easy English

DSP and Me - Screen Reader Version

DSP Medical Evidence Template

Links to Information about appealing a Centrelink decision

Centrelink Information

Welfare Rights Advocacy Service Appealing a Centrelink Decision Fact Sheet

If your DSP application has been rejected and you intend on appealing the decision PWdWA recommends that you ask Centrelink for a full explanation of their decision in writing. This can be done in person at a Centrelink office or over the phone on 132 717.

A fact sheet about AAT reviews for a DSP can be found here: Fact Sheet

WA Welfare Rights Services

Welfare Rights Advocacy Service

Sussex Street Community Legal Service

Fremantle Community Legal Centre