NDIS in Western Australia

We regularly seek feedback on the NDIS from our individual advocacy and the peer groups that we support. As the peak body representing people with disability in Western Australia we are often invited to participate on advisory councils and reference groups. Where possible we also directly survey our members for their views on how they are finding the NDIS. To keep up-to-date on what is happening in Western Australia we recommend joining the NDIS in WA Peer Support Facebook group, and the PWdWA Facebook page.

Systemic Advocacy for People with Disability WA Project 
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Transition and Interface Issues.

This project is gathering the experiences of individuals, families and carers as the scheme rolls out in WA. A group of participants using co-design will provide recommendations for changes to the NDIS and will prioritise the issues and concerns raised. The project will also provide submissions directly to the National Disability Insurance Agency, the State Minister for Disability Services, and the Commonwealth Government to address systemic and policy issues. 

Participate in the survey “Your NDIS Experience”

Should you have questions or to consent to share your story please contact Anne Livingston at PWdWA on [email protected]

In Western Australia we have had a unique journey to getting the NDIS in place. From July 2014 to July 2018 Western Australia had two different models of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) being trialled in the State. During that period we surveyed people with disabilities, their families and carers in both trials in 2015 and 2016. The reports that were written are available on our submissions page and show many issues in common with NDIS rollout in other states.

For the submissions we made about the NDIS, see our Submissions page.

The Lives We Lead

The Lives We Lead is a social media project that shows through video stories and photo stories the ordinary and extraordinary achievements of a range of people with disability. The aim of this project is to influence the community to better understand the contributions that people with disability make so they can participate economically, socially, culturally and politically like other members of the community.

Share the stories and celebrate with us. All the video and photo stories are on The Lives We Lead project website and shared on The Lives We Lead Facebook page.

People with Disabilities WA have been proud to use our co-design model and be a co-design participant in the project with a diverse group of people with disability deciding on the shape, style, and focus of stories as well as the planning of the Gala event in December.

The project is funded through a WA Department of Communities and NDIS Information, Linkages and Capacity Building grant and overseen by a partnership of WA’s Individualised Services, Youth Disability Advocacy Network, People with Disability WA and Women with Disabilities WA.

On Board with Me

Would you like to work on a Board or Management Committee but feel you haven’t had the opportunity or know where to start?

As an organisation – do you feel your Board would benefit from increased diversity and people with lived experience?

The On Board with Me project is aiming to improve opportunities for people with disability to be appointed as Board directors.  Our focus is to identify candidates and develop their board room and governance skills, and by working with Boards and organisations to identify new opportunities and vacancies.

Read more about our On Board with Me Project

Diversity Field Officer Service

Would you like access to a one-to-one tailored service to help your business become disability confident and welcoming?

A diverse workforce helps your business to stand out from the crowd and can bring new perspectives, innovation, and experience that your business might not have previously tapped into.

The Diversity Field Officer Service is focused on building the disability confidence of small and medium-sized businesses to become more welcoming, confident and accessible.

Read more about our Diversity Field Officer service

Connect with me

This project’s objective is to co-design with people with disability on all aspects of policy, services, and facilities intended for use by people with disability.

The aim is make co-design a valued component of business rather than a compliance consideration. The results will be:

  • Increased involvement of people with disability
  • Services and facilities better meeting the needs of people with disability
  • Employment opportunities for people with disability through a user-pays model
  • Model for WA organisations to comply with National Standards
  • Scaleable for regional areas

Read more about our Connect with me project

Empowering Health Consumers

People With Disabilities WA and Health Consumers Council are working together to deliver eight training sessions on Disability Health Rights for:

  • People with disabilities
  • Carers
  • Family and support people

Read more about when sessions are on and the resources available

Abuse and Neglect Task Force

We set up the WA Disability Abuse Inquiry, in conjunction with Developmental Disability WA and United Voice, in February 2015. In Western Australia, the high rate of violence, abuse and neglect against people with disability living in institutions has been recognised as a major systemic issue for a long time. But issues, such as a lack of data collection and barriers to justice for people with disability, have stopped this issue from being addressed. This inquiry led to our submission called ‘Behind Closed Doors' [link to submission] and the development of a number of resources for people with disabilities about abuse and neglect and where to get help.

As a result of that work, PWdWA brings together The Disability Abuse and Neglect Task Force. The Disability Abuse and Neglect Taskforce provides strategic direction and leadership in reviewing the recommendations from ‘Behind Closed Doors’ report within the broader context of:

  • What is currently happening
  • What further exploration is required
  • Which organisation/s may be best equipped to progress the recommendations

The task force has representatives from government and service organisations in the areas of justice, health, disability, mental health, education and family and domestic violence services. They meet quarterly and have been instrumental in supporting Disability Safe Week events and resources.

State election March 2017 – our priorities

We prepared a set of six election priorities that are important to our members based on feedback from our individual and systemic advocacy work. We asked all parties in the 2017 state election to commit to act on these six priorities. 

You can read the full document here